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Federal election 2021: Candidate profiles for Scarborough—Rouge Park
Your choices for UTSC’s MP

The Varsity, September 12, 2021

【聯邦大選】投票前最後衝刺 四大政黨侯選議員談對華政策

星岛日报, 2021年09月12日


加拿大都市网, 2021年9月10日

Candidate profile: Kingsley Kwok, New Democratic Party, Scarborough—Rouge Park
Respiratory therapist is trying to unseat Liberal incumbent & Toronto Star, September 1, 2021

四大黨12華裔候選人 安省出戰聯邦大選

聯邦新民主黨 - 郭旼修(Kingsley Kwok)——於士嘉堡-紅河公園選區(Scarborough-Rouge Park)參選

星岛日报, 2021年08月19日

COVID, Racism and the Far Right community forum on racism and intolerance set for Jan. 31


Toronto East Anti-hate Mobilization (TEAM) will be hosting an upcoming online forum to talk about racism and intolerance.



FAIRCHILD TV, 傳媒對焦, January 11, 2021

'We're in for a disaster,' nurses say about COVID-19's second wave

TORONTO.COM, November 18, 2020

Staffing is 'worse': Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

'Pandemic pay' should go to all Scarborough health workers, protesters say

TORONTO.COM, June 19, 2020

Union says 800 employees at Scarborough Health Network don't get bonus

How medical professionals, bakers and florists are making an impact during the COVID-19 pandemic

CBC.CA, April 18, 2020

CBC Toronto’s Front-line Heroes series introduces you to a new face each day

抗疫前線英雄:華裔呼吸治療師Kingsley Kwok

星岛日报, 2020年04月16日



FAIRCHILD TV, 傳媒對焦, April 3, 2020

East Scarborough TTC riders see some hope in 'exclusive' bus lanes

TORONTO.COM, December 24, 2019

Frustration said to be building after light-rail line shelved



FAIRCHILD TV, 傳媒對焦, November 1, 2019


加国无忧 51.CA, 2019年10月22日

华媒:41名华裔出战加拿大联邦大选 较上届人数多

中国侨网, 2019年10月22日

【一文盡覽】 2019聯邦大選 安省20華裔參選

星島綜合報道, 2019年10月17日


OMNI NEWS - FOCUS CANTONESE (ON), October 15, 2019

Racial justice in Malvern: quotes from a Scarborough candidate debate

TORONTO.COM, October 2, 2019

Trudeau's blackface photos, online hate speech raised at Scarborough-Rouge Park event

New Democrats launch candidates in 4 of 6 Scarborough ridings

TORONTO.COM, August 30, 2019.

Federal party won 2 of region's 6 seats in 2011


平權會多倫多分會聯同華工網絡共同召開記者會,支持在網上送餐平台Foodora工作的工人成立工會,確保送餐員獲公平待遇。Support workers who work at the online food delivery platform Foodora to form a trade union to ensure that the food delivery staff is treated fairly.

OMNI News Focus Cantonese, June 12, 2019, Omni TV (Chinese Cantonese)

傳媒對焦 4月12日 安省財政預算案

Media Focus on Ontario Budget, April 12, 2019, Fairchild TV (Chinese Cantonese two-part video)

Part 3, Part 4

Stop racially profiling Scarborough spa workers, advocates tell city, March 19, 2019, Scarborough Mirror/

加拿大安大略省省选落幕 3名华人当选议员

中国新闻网, 2018年06月09日

加拿大安省省选落幕保守党执政 华裔参选者有胜有负

中国侨网, 2018年06月08日

4月1日起 多伦多公车票价再涨

TTC fare increases again starting April 1, March 18, 2019Epoch Times Toronto, Chinese (Simplified)
The group called on the Chinese community to oppose the provincial government to take over the multi-city subway, February 25, 2019,, Chinese (Simplified)
Toronto needs more for transit and housing, city hears in Scarborough, February 13, 2019Scarborough Mirror/

人人投票安省省選候選人見面會-20180529-NDP vs PC

"Cast Your Vote" Meet and Greet of Kingsley Kwok NDP Candidate-Markham Stouffville, June 1, 2018, TorontoTV (Chinese Cantonese video)

新時代論壇 - 【安省省選】

Fairchild Forum [Ontario Election], May 30, 2018, Fairchild TV (Chinese Cantonese video in four parts) 

NDP唯一華裔候選人郭旼修 醫院呼吸治療師 萬錦出戰

Respiratory therapist Kingsley Kwok contests in Markham as the only NDP candidate of Chinese heritage, May 27, 2018, Ming Pao, Chinese (Traditional)
What's the biggest issue facing the Markham-Stouffville riding?, May 21, 2018Markham Economist & Sun/York
Markham-Stouffville candidates square off in all-party debate, May 15, 2018, Markham Economist & Sun/York
WARD 42: Kingsley Kwok says area needs better and faster TTC service, January 31 2017, Scarborough Mirror/Inside Toronto

多倫多華人區市議員補選 郭旼修參加競選 

Kingsley Kwok contests Toronto city councillor byelection, December 24, 2016Epoch Times Toronto, Chinese (Traditional)

多伦多华人区市议员补选 郭旼修参加竞选 

Kingsley Kwok contests Toronto city councillor byelection, December 24, 2016Epoch Times Toronto, Chinese (Simplified)


Fighting to raise minimum wage to maintain basic living needs, October 2, 2016Sing Tao Toronto, Chinese (Traditional)
TTC to raise fare by 25 cents to balance deficit of  $95 million, September 16, 2015Ming Pao Canada East, Chinese (Traditional)


Health Coalition calls on federal, provincial governments to renegotiate health accord, April 10, 2014World Journal Toronto, Chinese (Traditional)


Health Coalition calls on federal, provincial governments to renegotiate health accord, April 10,, Chinese (Simplified)

聯盟發動攻勢阻兩醫院削資 辦居民大會搞抗議派傳單

Health Coalition launching action to resist two hospitals from cuts, organizing resident meetings to protest and leaflet, October 16, 2013Ming Pao Canada East, Chinese (Traditional)

士嘉堡医院财务困难面临削资 民众恐影响服务

Scarborough Hospital financial difficulties, looking at cuts. Public fear services to be affected. October 16, 2013, NAOL.CC, Chinese (Simplified)

士嘉堡紅河谷醫院削資 保健聯盟促省府「解凍」

Scarborough, Rouge Valley hospitals cut spending. Health Coalition urges provincial to unfreeze. Ocotober 16, 2013. Sing Tao Toronto, Chinese (Traditional) (November 23, 2016)
Health Minister Hoskins orders Scarborough and Durham hospital mergers
Ontario Health Coalition criticizes process, asks about costs

Hospital mergers in Scarborough and Durham move further forward
Concerns remain costs of mergers planned for Nov. 1 may cost jobs and other cuts

Rouge Valley Health System will fight proposal to break up its Scarborough and Durham hospitals
‘Why would we destroy what we have built in 17 years based on inaccurate data?’

Rouge Valley Health System says it will fight recommendation to split it up
Expert panel tells province to divide hospital between Scarborough and Durham

Lack of information from hospital panel concerns Scarborough health advocate

Subway versus LRT debate continues along Sheppard Avenue in Scarborough
TTCriders group seeks support for LRT among bus riders on the Sheppard 85 route

Expert panel on health care for Scarborough/Durham Region named
Minister of Health says panel will look at how hospitals can work better together

The Scarborough Hospital begins strategic planning process
Hospital system needs to ‘transform’ itself, says TSH’s Robert Biron

‘Cash poor’ Scarborough hospitals could not afford merger without provincial support
Lack of commitment to funding by Ontario Ministry of Health led to decision by TSH board

Province not to blame for aging hospital facilities in Scarborough: MPPs
Hospital boards, administrations did not identify needs, say local MPPs